Beehive If I Were You - CBSE Revision Notes

CBSE Class 09 English Language and Literature
Revision Notes
Beehive Chapter 11
If I Were You

  • A man named Gerrard lives alone in a small cottage.
  • He is engaged in packing his travelling bag when silently an intruder enters with a revolver in his hand.
  • The intruder asks him some questions to which Gerrard replies in a roundabout way. The intruder threatens to kill him.
  • The intruder says that he has killed a policeman and already he is a wanted person.
  • The intruder thought that he was similar to Gerrard. He would kill Gerrard and then pretend to be Vincent Charles Gerrard to escape from the police.
  • Gerrard acted cleverly and tells the intruder that he himself is a murderer. One of his men have been caught. The police is after him. He had packed his bag to escape. Intruder wont be safe after taking his identity. He asks the intruder to accompany him.
  • Gerrard opens a door as if to the garage. As the intruder leans forward, Gerrard pushes him into the cupboard, knocked the revolver out of his hand, slammed the door, locked it, picked up the revolver and called the police.